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Logo of SES Department
Logo of SES Department

There is only one Earth to satisfy the demands of human race, while growing population and higher standards of living is increasing stresses on the planet Earth. Therefore, sustainable use of the Earth’s resources is the prime concern of 21st century. Understanding the complex nature of the Earth system is the key to predict the consequences of human activity and it requires the cooperation of scientists across many disciplines. The Soil and Environmental Science Department at the Barisal University, Bangladesh focuses on how the soil, atmosphere, land, and oceans interact as a system, and how the Earth will change over a human lifetime.

About SES Department

The department of Soil and Environmental Science (SES), University of Barisal (BU), is one of the leading department in University of Barisal. The curriculum offered by our department has been designed in accordance with different renowned universities around the world. We now offer a world class learning experience. All of our class rooms and laboratories are equipped with modern learning facilities and necessary experimental kits for undergraduate and graduate students. At the same time, we have extended the facilities to enhance our research activities in different branches of Soil and Environmental Science applications. Moreover, we frequently arrange workshop, seminar, academic contest of students and extra-curriculum activities to explore the merits of our students in different dimension. We want our students to be capable of not in one dimension, but capable of multi-dimensions when they graduate. As a result, now our department is the right place for the students with dreams of becoming outstanding professionals and researchers. We are looking forward to welcome brilliant students.